April 9, 2020

Ep 17 P&I primer with Dorothea Ioannou of The American Club

As a journalist one of the best things about my job is being allowed into the far flung and most fascinating corners of our industry to find out how things work.

Protection and Indemnity - P&I - is exactly one of those places.

And it would be easy to ignore were it not the source of so many of the biggest insurance stories of the past decade

For example a mega claim like the Costa Concordia was a P&I event that captured the attention of the whole world over many months.

But most of us know almost nothing about this ultra specialist part of the insurance world and the 13 global marine liability mutuals that inhabit it.

In fact we are actually more ignorant - because most of what we think we know about P&I is probably wrong

So that’s why I decided to record this episode with Dorothea Ioannou who is the Chief Commercial officer of the American Club.

If you don’t know Dorothea she is extremely well regarded and a strong character and I had a great time talking to her.

As well as mythbusting much of what the non marine world thinks it knows about P&I, we discuss the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and other major trends affecting the marine sector and the wider insurance world.

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