February 28, 2020

Ep.11 How to fix the insurance culture problem, with Nicolas Aubert

In this episode I’m talking to Nicolas Aubert, Head of Great Britain at Willis Towers Watson and CEO of Willis Limited.

As a Frenchman who has forged a successful career in London, in many ways he is a personal embodiment of the kind of global, multi-faceted and diverse marketplace that London would like to present to the world.

The insurance market has been through a lot of soul searching in the past 12 months as every aspect of its culture has been examined in minute detail .

Stories of bad behaviour and discrimination have filled the mainstream media and been broadcast all around the world.

But starting quite a few years before the scandals started to break, the insurance sector has embarked on a huge programme of education, self-examination and change around the subject of diversity and inclusion.

Nicolas has been right at the heart of that major shift for many years and that is the topic of our discussion today.

He is also currently in charge of 4500 people, so he is pretty well qualified.

If you’re the sort of person who would rather not engage with this topic I would urge you to tune in.

That’s because you are actually exactly the sort of person who really must listen the most!

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