Today’s guest is the leader of one of London’s oldest independent broking houses.

Greg Collins is CEO of Miller, which via major new investment has just extricated itself from the Willis Towers Watson Group.

In this podcast we get right to the heart of why the firm’s innovative experiment with Big-three ownership didn’t work out and what this wholesale specialty broker plans to do with its new-found freedom.

Greg comes across as someone completely on top of his game and speaks like he has had a weight lifted off his shoulders. It is refreshing to hear.

Tune in for insights into Miller’s growth strategy, the reinsurance broking landscape, technological and cultural modernisation and why Miller won’t be doing anything to upset its US wholesale relationships.


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Today’s guest is an amazing person with an incredibly interesting story to tell.

After 10 years in the British military and distinguished service in Iraq, Forbes McKenzie was determined to apply the skills he had learned in military intelligence in the civilian world.

A decade and lots of hard work later, McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) is bringing real-time intelligence to bear on natural disasters and manmade events alike and has won a major tender to provide its services across the Lloyd’s market.

As Forbes describes in the podcast, users of the firm’s GEO platform are improving reserving estimates by 93%, cutting claims overheads by 40% and this is making an average 2 percentage point improvement to loss ratios.

Here we talk about the art of blending multiple data sources to provide insights that insurers can use instantly.

But because this is such a cutting-edge business we get to look into the future and a world of really smart, really focused artificial intelligence, instant straight through claims payments, hugely expanded parametric insurance and the future of exposure management.

Forbes is excellent company and has a great way of turning complicated ideas into simple and understandable insights that you can use to improve the way you go about your business today.


Mckenzie Intelligence Services (MIS)


Twitter: @McKenzie_Int

Forbes McKenzie LinkedIn:
(Connect and ask him how he came to be mentioned in dispatches in Iraq)

Twitter: @forbesmckenzie

Today’s guest is an example to those of us who feel we ought to change with the times but might not feel we are fully equipped to do so.

Matthew Wilson is the Group CEO of Brit and is a Lloyd’s man through and through.

He has spent most of his career going about his business in the same analogue way that most of us are familiar with.

Yet he has embarked on a transformation programme at Brit to overhaul everything it does in readiness for a digital future.

A three-year migration of systems to the cloud is just coming to fruition and last year’s pioneering launch of Ki, Brit’s algorithmically driven follow syndicate, is still being digested by the market.

In this podcast we focus on how Brit and Lloyd’s can embrace a digital future and reap expense savings, productivity gains and huge business benefits if it can turn its analogue platform into a digital one.

Whilst the technical challenges are never to be underestimated, this discussion shows that the greatest hurdles are far more likely to be self-imposed cultural ones.

From this encounter it becomes clear that only until we can learn to accept change can we innovate successfully.

I would venture that if Matthew can do it, so can the rest of the market.

So I highly recommend this one to anyone looking for pointers on where to start and how to begin embracing the insurance market of the future.

Enjoy the Podcast.

The iMRC acronym Matthew mentions stands for the Intelligent Market Reform Contract and is part of the Lloyd’s Blueprint 2 programme.

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I really enjoyed interviewing today’s guest.

I think it was because I was picking up on the energy, enthusiasm and buzz emanating from someone who is running a start-up business.

Mitch Blaser, the CEO of Mosaic has done this before and it is his clarity of vision and purpose that shines through our discussion.

He has the benefit of experience to know what he would do differently and he also has a very clear idea of how to leverage the advantages of a single clean balance sheet with new investors and no legacy risk and equally as important to Mitch, a brand new enterprise with no legacy systems, technology or culture.

The prospects of the post-Covid world of emerging risk are what are firing Mitch and his team of specialty underwriters up

But overall it is Mitch’s irrepressible positivity and confidence that is most infectious.

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This week’s podcast is a great encounter with a UK MGA pioneer at the top of his game.

Colin Thompson is the CEO of Nexus Group, a firm he founded in London 13 years ago.

That business is projecting punchy organic growth of a third this year to $600mn in premiums written.

It is also on the hunt for ever larger acquisitions and is looking to back some of its own underwriting with a risk-bearing entity to show its paper providers that it has real skin in the game.

During our chat Colin also confirms that Nexus will be selling its trade credit broking arm to focus exclusively on underwriting.

We cover a huge amount of ground here and a lot is revealed about the next strategic direction for what is almost certainly London’s fastest-growing MGA business of scale.

We also learn a lot about what makes the entrepreneur driving its growth tick.

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Today’s guest is one of the best-known and most experienced executives in the reinsurance broking world.

Ross Howard is Global Executive Chairman of Lockton Re and has launched himself into a major project to help build a challenger reinsurance broker for the Lockton Group.

In this podcast we find out why he thinks the current market opportunities are some of the best he has seen in his long career and why, provided you have the right platform as a base, knowledge, expertise and relationships are more important than they have ever been.

I have been meeting and interviewing Ross on and off for around 15 years and I think some of that rapport shows in this encounter.

Ross is the consummate broker: charming, knowledgeable, accommodating, imaginative and unflappable.

I highly recommend you spend the next half an hour or so in his company.


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This episode could easily be called “everything you wanted to know about insurtech but were afraid to ask.”

This is because today’s guests are insurtech pioneers who spend their time finding new insurance ideas and the entrepreneurs behind them.

They knock the rough edges off, apply expertise, lend regulatory licences so that ideas can be tested and make connections with incumbent insurers as well as investors. They also deploy their own venture capital funds into the companies they find.

In short they provide one of the few full service platforms for innovative new ventures and fulfil the role of translators between the often disconnected worlds of technology and insurance.

Now with five years’ experience The Voice of Insurance spoke to Stephen Brittain and Robert Lumley of the Insurtech Gateway to find out what they had learned after being at the bleeding edge of insurance innovation for such a long time.

The results may surprise you.

Here you can get to half a decade’s learning compressed into half an hour. A pioneer like The Gateway has often had to learn the hard way.

By listening to this excellent episode you won’t have to...



Today’s guest is one of the industry’s brightest stars and I think the podcast you are about the listen to amply proves why he has earned that moniker.

The Voice of insurance has also been lucky enough to speak to him at an exciting time for him and the industry itself.  

A veteran of the Bermuda class of 1992, he is back again with a substantial start-up looking to capitalise on major opportunities in the global wholesale specialty insurance and reinsurance market.

Here Greg Hendrick the CEO of Vantage Group runs us through his vision from top to bottom and dissects in great detail how he and his team is attacking a market opportunity.

Greg has long been one of the best speakers on the insurance conference circuit and here it soon becomes obvious that podcasting comes naturally to him.

Here is someone happy, confident, energised, completely at the top of their game and ready to put a career’s worth of knowledge and experience to work in a favourable marketplace.

There is a ton of useful information here and I think you can learn a lot from listening over the next 35 minutes or so.


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Today’s special guests are technology entrepreneurs looking to digitise and revolutionise the reinsurance marketplace.

Their radical free-to-use platform has the goal of making the cumbersome submission and placement process pain-free for practitioners.

But with these two there’s a big difference. Both Jerad Leigh and Ben Rose of Supercede gave up successful careers in the underwriting, broking and advisory side of reinsurance to found their business.

Past attempts at reinsurance platforms have tended to focus on getting the boardrooms of the biggest players signed up and mandating usage on the ground but as former practitioners their focus is on solving the problems of the individual users themselves.

As we move to an expense conscious world where big IT spend for no discernible competitive gain is no longer a boast but potentially a source of embarrassment, their free and fully independent model is a compelling one.

In this special episode we naturally go for a whirlwind tour of the Supercede product offering, but we stay much longer and get to the heart of what these two founders think the reinsurance market of the future is going to look like and their part in enabling it.

Not only are Ben and Jerad exceptionally bright, they are excellent company.

I highly recommend listening to what they have to say.


You may already know Supercede by its original name, Riskbook.

Ben mentions a business called Rightmove. For non-UK listeners this is the main UK platform for residential real estate, connecting realtors/(real) estate agents and individual buyers.


After an extended build-out Pina Albo’s Hamilton Group now has significant Lloyd’s, Bermuda and Dublin platforms covering specialty insurance, reinsurance and third-party asset management and is building further capabilities on the ground in the US E&S market via an MGA structure.

It’s also fully committed to a tech-enabled US brokered small commercial joint venture operation in Attune.

Listen to Pina as the group moves to the execution phase of its strategy and looks to be rewarded for the patience it has shown throughout the prolonged soft market into which it was born.

Pina is a focused leader with strong convictions about where the market is headed.

Her conclusions are concise, unambiguous and easy to follow.

I highly recommend a listen.


Pina refers to Ada Re in relation to Hamilton’s party capital management operation. Ada Re is specifically Hamilton’s retro sidecar vehicle. She of course meant to say Ada Capital.


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