October 14, 2020

Commonwealth Insurance Forum Special Episode 1: Insuring high-growth emerging markets with Inga Beale and Lesley Ndlovu

We all know about the protection gap and financial sustainability and resilience goals for the developing world set by global bodies such as the World Bank and the United Nations.

We also know about the massive growth potential of many emerging economies and the role the insurance industry can play in enabling and accelerating its development.

This episode goes into the detail of how to approach this major opportunity and answers some common questions and upends many common misconceptions.

How much is insurance understood in developing nations? Is it seen simply as aid? Also how well are its strengths understood by donor nations? Should this kind of insurance be aiming for profit from day one, or should it be more patient?

How do we overcome modelling gaps and potentially crippling distribution costs in some of these nations?

Will the realities of harder international markets and Covid 19 put development goals on the back burner?

To answer these questions it was a great privilege to be joined by Dame Inga Beale and Lesley NdLovu of the African Risk Capacity Group (ARC).

Both have pioneered work in this field and give a strong and practical flavour to this podcast. I highly recommend a listen.

It might convince you that far from being just corporate social responsibility and the right thing to do, this is actually one of the brightest long-term opportunities in the global insurance market.

Today’s special episode has been organised by the Commonwealth Insurance Forum – the CIF and kindly sponsored by the ARC.

Set up in September 2019 the Forum was co-founded and is chaired by London market veteran Francis de Zulueta of Alpine Risk

Alpine Risk currently manages the CIF.

Co founded with Robert Lyle, co-founder of specialist London broker BPL, this not-for-profit organisation is seeking to ignite and accelerate insurance collaboration at all levels between the members of the 54-nation Commonwealth with the added support of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.

The Commonwealth Insurance Forum has been formed as the UK is deepening and rapidly accelerating global trade links within the Commonwealth after leaving the European Union and will seek to build insurance co-operation, education and networking based on the common legal and cultural ties that bind the global Commonwealth of Nations together for the mutual benefit of all members.


African Risk Capacity:


The Forum can be contacted on Cif@alpineriskservices.com  or directly via Francis de Zulueta on LinkedIn:


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