March 23, 2020

Ep 14 Early coronavirus thoughts from David Flandro of Hyperion X

How well prepared is the 2020 global insurance industry for the challenge of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic?

The best thing about being a journalist is about being able to access the top minds and experts to make sense of the world.

So today with economies and our clients being forcibly shut down, events cancelled, sovereign and corporate bonds undergoing spectacular gyrations and share prices tumbling globally, (with insurers stock falling more than the market average), I wanted to talk to someone smart to help ordinary people like me and you to understand a little bit of what is happening and what might be at stake.

So that is why I’m delighted that this episode’s guest is David Flandro Managing Director, Analytics at Hyperion X.

Longstanding listeners will remember David from Episode 3 where he was talking about the 1st of January renewals.

I originally had this interview with David slated to be about the fourth quarter and full- year 2019 results season that has just past. But given the circumstances I thought that that would be inappropriate.

Listen on for a state of David’s thinking about how the industry is likely cope with the covid-19 crisis on the risk and the asset side of its balance sheet.

There are plenty of caveats of course but David gives us a lot to think about, somethings to worry about and some measure of assurance.

in times of crisis I always seek out the brightest and most eloquent and David is certainly both...


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