June 30, 2020

Ep 31 Andrew Horton: Beazley, the hard market and the new Lloyd’s

This episode's guest is the CEO of one of Lloyd’s standout performers of the past two decades.

Beazley is a blue-chip Lloyd’s business that has consistently maintained top quartile performance while growing fast and continuing to innovate.

Because of this any time in the presence of Andrew Horton is time well spent.

In this episode we talk about the hardening market, the world that awaits the Class of 2020, Lloyd’s reforms, including syndicate in a box, lead-follow and the use of automation to remove costs from the syndicated market.

We also discuss, the prospect of the big three brokers becoming the big two, Andrew’s total aversion to bold transformational M&A – except when it doesn’t involve Beazley and of course, Covid-19 and how long a tail it is likely to be.

It’s a great way of getting a feel for what is front of mind at one of the specialty insurance and reinsurance world’s top outfits.

Today’s episode is very kindly supported by Claims Direct Access (CDA)


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