July 21, 2020

Ep 35 Re-shaping Aspen with Mark Cloutier

The Aspen story is one that in many ways mirrors the global wholesale specialty insurance and reinsurance markets that we know and love so much.

After a few years of relative underperformance – nothing catastrophic or life-threatening but underperformance nonetheless – Aspen now finds itself in the hands of private equity in the form of serial industry investor Apollo.

Mark Cloutier is in post to turn Aspen around for its new owner just at the time that much of the market is taking similar remedial action to improve performance.

Mark and Apollo have done this successfully before and that’s why this is such a good episode to get wrapped up in.

After all If you are openly turning something around for a sale you have to be building the sort of long-term value that a new owner is going to be looking to acquire.

Finding out how Mark plans to do this gives a lot of insight into how one of the smartest investors in our sector thinks.


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