August 4, 2020

Ep 37 Capital Masterclass with Vicky Carter of Guy Carpenter

Today’s guest is a broker right at the top of her profession.

She is someone industry leaders turn to for advice and assistance around the most fundamental commodity in our industry – capital.

Her contacts are superb and if you need support her insight and connections could be the difference between getting what you need and coming up short.

Vicky Carter is Guy Carpenter’s Chairman of Global Capital Solutions, International and is also a member of the Council of Lloyd’s.

In our discussion we examine every facet of capital and the industry’s financial health, investor appetite for the insurance sector and the prospects for the emerging class of 2020. It’s why I’ve called this episode a capital masterclass.

We also look at the work she is doing on Lloyd’s ReStart SME pandemic solution and examine diversity and inclusion from the perspective of one of the most senior women in the industry.




LPT = Loss portfolio transfer

FAL (pronounced as a word rhyming with 'pal') = Funds at Lloyd's



We thank Claims Direct Access (CDA) for their support today.

Here is a link to their website:

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