August 11, 2020

Ep 38 The future of insurance is now, with Stephen Brittain of the Insurtech Gateway

I always think one of the main missions of the Voice of Insurance is to give you access to industry leaders so you can find out how they think and what they think about the big issues of the day.

These are people that you’ve almost certainly heard of but not necessarily heard from.

But there is a second mission which is to introduce you to people who you almost certainly don’t know but who I think have got some very interesting things to say.

In my line of work I get to meet lots of fascinating and very talented people and it’s nice to be able to introduce some of the less well known ones to you.

Todays’ guest is one of these.

We have heard an awful lot about the Insurtech phenomenon over the last 4 years. A whole industry has grown up around it. Frankly some of it has been very poorly explained and executed.

Stephen Brittain’s job is to provide a link between the insurance folk and the tech people who often seem to inhabit completely different planets.

I always enjoy talking to Stephen because he is incredibly smart and is buzzing with big and challenging ideas. The conversation always takes an unexpected turn or two.

But unlike so many bright sparks he is really good at explaining himself to people less intelligent than he is.

So if you’re not a techy here is someone I can highly recommend you listen to – I’m pretty sure it will make you think differently about insurance.

And if it does that that is another one of my missions complete.



We thank Claims Direct Access (CDA) for their support today.

Here is a link to their website:

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