November 3, 2020

Ep 51 David Walsh and Graeme Newman of CFC Underwriting: 20% organic growth forever

I’ve got to know the interviewees in today’s episode quite well over the last few years.

That means I have been able to follow closely their remarkable journey from small subsidiary of the Hyperion Group to an independent employee-owned MGA writing over 500 million dollars of premium in 2020 and still projecting organic growth of 20% in 2021.

So how have David Walsh and Graeme Newman of CFC Underwriting done it?

I think one of the most striking things is what a partnership these two entrepreneurs make and how their characters compliment each other.

It is hard to think of one without the other and of CFC without either of them.

They’re also a notch below the average age of many among their peers and I think this translates to a slightly more progressive feel for the business.

But you should listen for yourself and make up your own mind.

In this episode we talk a lot about CFC’s core line of cyber insurance and building a long-term comparative advantage, its response to the Covid pandemic, what David and Graeme’s long-term plans are for CFC and how the firm is trying to distil its entrepreneurial culture as it begins to grow beyond its core London roots.

It’s a great discussion and one which I would highly recommend to any budding entrepreneurs out there looking for pointers to see how it’s done.

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