November 17, 2020

Ep 53 No end game. The journey to Ithaka: David Howden CEO Howden Group Holdings

I’ve known David Howden for a very long time. When I became a broker in 1992 he was the wholesale D&O specialist who looked after a big book of business for the Spanish broker I worked for.

When Aon took over that broker it was my cue to go off and become a journalist and for him it fired the starting gun on an adventure that doesn’t show any sign of stopping.

That’s why this episode is a bit special. It’s also a bit longer than usual.

A good interview is a bit like a portrait and the art of the interviewer is to coax the interviewee to reveal perhaps more of themselves than they were originally planning to.

David doesn’t really need much coaxing because he is always himself, and the most remarkable thing about him is that he hasn’t changed at all in the last 28 years.

Here we talk about everything you would expect to talk about, but a lot more. For instance this is the first interview I’ve ever done where poetry has been recited.

Today I really think you will get to see what makes David tick and understand what has driven him to be the most successful insurance entrepreneur of his generation.

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