January 12, 2021

Ep 62 Fully capitalised, but rationally hard: the 2021 market with David Flandro of HX

Today’s guest is one of the industry’s smartest analysts and it is great to welcome him back to the show.

David Flandro is the Managing Director of Analytics at HX, the tech and research-focused part of the Howden Group and today we are dissecting the state of the market after the 1.1.21 renewals.

David has had a long career in the financial markets and at major broking houses and is one of the best people I know at expressing often very complicated ideas and theories in the plainest of English.

He also has a great sense of humour and is always ebullient company which means while the English may be plain, the discussion and the mood is always lively.

In this podcast we discuss a lot of the topics raised in Howden's Hard Times 1.1 renewal report. I highly recommend you read this in conjunction with your listen today. 


Howden's Hard Times market report:


David mentions a Julian. He is referring to Julian Alovisi, HX’s Head of Research.

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