March 9, 2021

Ep 70 Greg Hendrick CEO Vantage Group: Being what the market will let us be

Today’s guest is one of the industry’s brightest stars and I think the podcast you are about the listen to amply proves why he has earned that moniker.

The Voice of insurance has also been lucky enough to speak to him at an exciting time for him and the industry itself.  

A veteran of the Bermuda class of 1992, he is back again with a substantial start-up looking to capitalise on major opportunities in the global wholesale specialty insurance and reinsurance market.

Here Greg Hendrick the CEO of Vantage Group runs us through his vision from top to bottom and dissects in great detail how he and his team is attacking a market opportunity.

Greg has long been one of the best speakers on the insurance conference circuit and here it soon becomes obvious that podcasting comes naturally to him.

Here is someone happy, confident, energised, completely at the top of their game and ready to put a career’s worth of knowledge and experience to work in a favourable marketplace.

There is a ton of useful information here and I think you can learn a lot from listening over the next 35 minutes or so.


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