March 30, 2021

Ep 73 Mitch Blaser CEO Mosaic: If you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail

I really enjoyed interviewing today’s guest.

I think it was because I was picking up on the energy, enthusiasm and buzz emanating from someone who is running a start-up business.

Mitch Blaser, the CEO of Mosaic has done this before and it is his clarity of vision and purpose that shines through our discussion.

He has the benefit of experience to know what he would do differently and he also has a very clear idea of how to leverage the advantages of a single clean balance sheet with new investors and no legacy risk and equally as important to Mitch, a brand new enterprise with no legacy systems, technology or culture.

The prospects of the post-Covid world of emerging risk are what are firing Mitch and his team of specialty underwriters up

But overall it is Mitch’s irrepressible positivity and confidence that is most infectious.

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