November 9, 2021

Ep 99 Mark Wheeler Mosaic Insurance: No Exit Plan

Mark Wheeler is a Lloyd’s market person through and through. In this interview he even refers to himself as a “Lloyd’s groupie”

That’s why it was great to meet him face to face in his London office within 100 metres of the Lloyd’s building.

We went deeply into what his new venture Mosaic is really all about.

The vision is original and the plan is incredibly ambitious.

Mosaic is trying to bring the core advantages of London syndication and very detailed specialty know-how much closer to clients around the world through localised international distribution.

That’s quite an undertaking.

Listening back Mark is clearly in his element and our knockabout conversation is a testament to that.

There were no taboo subjects.

Mark’s last words of the interview were “we’ve covered a lot of ground, it’s thought-provoking and I really appreciate it”

I agree with Mark.

Let’s see whether you do too.


Mark refers to “G and A” a couple of times. I’m pretty sure he is talking about general and administrative expenses – i.e. the part of the expense ratio that is in the control of the carrier, as opposed to acquisition costs, which are external.

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