January 3, 2020

Ep.3 The 1.1 renewals with David Flandro of Hyperion X

David Flandro is Managing Director, Analytics at Hyperion X.

I caught up with him following the publication of Hyperion-X's 1.1 2020 renewal report.

He is one of the smartest people I have ever met in insurance. He is also good at explaining complicated ideas.

If you don't already know David I would highly recommend listening to him on any insurance topic that you want to master.

So if you want to know more about the big trends behind the most interesting 1.1 reinsurance renewal for many years, this podcast is essential listening.

The Hyperion X 1.1 renewal report can be accessed here


David started as an analyst at Merrill Lynch and for the past 15 years has worked for many of the major (re)insurance broking groups.

Over that period he has produced many of the most insightful reports on the global insurance and reinsurance sectors.

He has since joined Hyperion's exciting new Hyperion-X venture where he is building new data products and engaging heavily with the world of Insurtech.

Happy Listening!



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