February 12, 2020

Ep.9 Insurtech: Everything you need to know. With Instech London

If you are not a techie but want to be properly informed about what is coming down the Insurtech track and want to know how analogue insurance folk should be reacting, this podcast is 100% designed for you.

I caught up with Matthew Grant and fellow Instech London founder Robin Merttens earlier in the month.

Matthew and Robin are decades-long veterans of what we now call Insurtech and have spent careers bridging the often sizeable gap between insurance and technology.

They do it so we don't have to.

Back in 2015 they founded Instech London which hosts a regular monthly get-together for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists service providers, early adopters and people working in the incumbent insurance industry who are curious about new technologies and how they will affect insurance.

In this episode we have a wide-ranging discussion that includes a debate about the difference between merely digitising and going fully digital, as well as an examination of insurance’s often difficult relationship with technological change.

I think it's a really useful listen...


Start-up companies mentioned:

Concirrus: https://www.concirrus.com

Exante: https://www.exante.io/

Blink: https://blinkblink.io/

Riskbook: https://riskbook.com/

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