March 12, 2021

Special Episode: Bonkers or Brilliant? A fresh perspective on innovation from Insurtech Gateway’s Robert Lumley and Stephen Brittain

This episode could easily be called “everything you wanted to know about insurtech but were afraid to ask.”

This is because today’s guests are insurtech pioneers who spend their time finding new insurance ideas and the entrepreneurs behind them.

They knock the rough edges off, apply expertise, lend regulatory licences so that ideas can be tested and make connections with incumbent insurers as well as investors. They also deploy their own venture capital funds into the companies they find.

In short they provide one of the few full service platforms for innovative new ventures and fulfil the role of translators between the often disconnected worlds of technology and insurance.

Now with five years’ experience The Voice of Insurance spoke to Stephen Brittain and Robert Lumley of the Insurtech Gateway to find out what they had learned after being at the bleeding edge of insurance innovation for such a long time.

The results may surprise you.

Here you can get to half a decade’s learning compressed into half an hour. A pioneer like The Gateway has often had to learn the hard way.

By listening to this excellent episode you won’t have to...



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