March 5, 2021

Special Episode: Introducing Supercede with founders Jerad Leigh and Ben Rose

Today’s special guests are technology entrepreneurs looking to digitise and revolutionise the reinsurance marketplace.

Their radical free-to-use platform has the goal of making the cumbersome submission and placement process pain-free for practitioners.

But with these two there’s a big difference. Both Jerad Leigh and Ben Rose of Supercede gave up successful careers in the underwriting, broking and advisory side of reinsurance to found their business.

Past attempts at reinsurance platforms have tended to focus on getting the boardrooms of the biggest players signed up and mandating usage on the ground but as former practitioners their focus is on solving the problems of the individual users themselves.

As we move to an expense conscious world where big IT spend for no discernible competitive gain is no longer a boast but potentially a source of embarrassment, their free and fully independent model is a compelling one.

In this special episode we naturally go for a whirlwind tour of the Supercede product offering, but we stay much longer and get to the heart of what these two founders think the reinsurance market of the future is going to look like and their part in enabling it.

Not only are Ben and Jerad exceptionally bright, they are excellent company.

I highly recommend listening to what they have to say.


You may already know Supercede by its original name, Riskbook.

Ben mentions a business called Rightmove. For non-UK listeners this is the main UK platform for residential real estate, connecting realtors/(real) estate agents and individual buyers.


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