February 12, 2021

Special Episode: Introducing Worry + Peace with founder James York

In my job I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and particularly insurtech entrepreneurs.

Very often I find that they know their tech but really haven’t yet got to understand the insurance world.

And that often means that they are solving problems that perhaps don’t exist in the minds of insurance people and their business are unlikely to succeed.

Well today I’m talking to a start-up founder who has insurance running through his veins.

James York knows the insurance value chain inside and out.

Because of that he knows that anyone who can cut into the savage acquisition costs insurers load onto themselves year after year is onto a winner.

In an industry that spends billions on marketing anyone who can make that spend more effective is going to be in high demand.

James is the founder of Worry + Peace, which is aiming to do just this via the medium of insurance reviews.

It’s a bold and extremely ambitious global vision that goes way beyond reviews and into a whole insurance ecosystem that will aim to bring buyers and sellers together in a trusted world but which isn’t actively trying to sell insurance to anyone.

Are you intrigued? I certainly was and the more I talk to James the more I think he is onto something.

I think you should hear him out.

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James’s Twitter handle is: @JamesJWYork

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