July 20, 2021

Special Episode: The Future of Underwriting with James Slaughter and Silvi Wompa Sinclair

Today’s podcast is in two parts.

It starts off as a quick run through the state of the market through the eyes of two very senior underwriting practitioners

But then it dives right into the heart of the state of the underwriting profession itself and how the life of an underwriter is going to change in the future.

In their high-profile careers both Group Head of Portfolio Underwriting at Swiss Re Silvi Wompa Sinclair and Chief Underwriting Officer of Apollo Syndicate Management James Slaughter have been at the forefront of transforming the business of underwriting and are extremely well placed to outline a vision of the future of the profession.

The message is pretty clear. Transformation in the way all underwriters work is coming and everyone needs to get ready to change the way they do business in order to reap the benefits.

Productivity is set to rise enormously as the machines do a lot more of the grunt work, but the good news for underwriters and brokers is that the roles for the humans in the process are going to become a lot more interesting.

At the same time everyone’s career prospects are going to be boosted hugely.

Listen on for a fascinating and inspiring dive into the future of underwriting.


POC stands for proof of concept, a term usually used when new technology is being tested.

A TOBA is a terms of business agreement, which in our sector is the contract that governs the dealings between a broker and an underwriter.


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