September 17, 2021

Special Episode: What the Polish market wants, with Michał Chmielewski and Tomasz Libront of Smartt Re

Today’s podcast is something a little different because instead of talking about our market from the inside we will be looking at it through the eyes of insurance professionals who access our products and services from the outside.

What do our customers really think of us and what are they looking for when they come into the international insurance and reinsurance markets looking to do business?

Michał Chmielewski Deputy Chairman (left) and Tomasz Libront President (right) have built Smartt Re into a significant independent reinsurance broker in the highly competitive and fast-growing Polish market.

Their report card on the London and International insurance markets makes for really interesting listening as well as their description of the huge opportunities as well as the significant  challenges facing the largest market in Central and Eastern Europe.

Michal and Tomasz are very open and frank about their experience and some of the observations are frankly eye-opening,

so for anyone looking to learn what makes an independent local broker in emerging markets tick and what they are really looking for in an international partner this should be required listening.

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